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Are you an efficient office manager? Come talk with us.

02 Jul 2015

10to1 is part of Epi-use since little over a year now. We've spent the last year aligning our businesses. 10to1 is ready to grow its business further in B2B mobile apps.

To support this growth, we're looking for an efficient office manager. He or she will be responsible for

  • Invoicing
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Greeting visitors, and make them feel welcome
  • Handling incoming mail
  • Handling incoming invoices
  • Banking
  • General office management (ordering supplies, ...)
  • Some communication with Epi-use, mainly in South Africa.

Our office manager reports directly to our managing director.

We'll evaluate your application on these criteria:

  • You're able to organize your own work. Your performance is evaluated based on what results you get, not on how many tasks you've executed.
  • You're fluent in English and Dutch. Knowledge of French is a big plus.
  • You're familiar with Mac (OS X)
  • You're proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel) and iWorks (Pages, Numbers)
  • Furthermore, you'll be using these tools. Experience with any of them is a plus (but not required): Dropbox, Google Apps (mostly GMail), Slack, Todoist, Skype, GoToMeeting.

This job requires that you know what you're doing, and to understand why you're doing it.

We offer you a friendly environment where you're appreciated for what you're doing. We want our employees to be happy, and we try to help them to be happy every day.

There's no need to be stuck in traffic daily: the 10to1 offices are close to Antwerp-Berchem, which makes a train commute very easy. Tram 4 and 9 have stops close by, as has bus 32. And the nearest Velo station is only 200m away.

Do you feel challenged? Send a mail to or call Tom at +32 475 28 17 62, and convince us to hire you!

Are you an ambitious sales manager? Come talk with us.

30 Jun 2015

10to1 is part of Epi-use since little over a year now. We've spent the last year aligning our businesses. 10to1 is ready to grow its business further in B2B mobile apps.

We've got a great team of developers, designers and project managers. They do a great job. But they don't sell themselves. That's why we need you – if you're ambitious and able to sell bespoke software.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to acquire new customers in Belgium and in Europe. You can rely on Epi-Use's global network. However, you have to be able to build your own sales process. You'll be at the start of a dedicated sales team – a team that will grow in the coming years.

This job is not for the faint of heart. You'll need ambition and you'll need perseverance. But the reward will make it worth it.

Do you feel challenged? Send a mail to or call Tom at +32 475 28 17 62, and convince us to hire you!

We've moved

24 Oct 2014

Ouf. That's been a busy week. So busy, that I even haven't had the time to tell you that 10to1 has moved.

Back in 2011, at our last move, we thought it was important to be reachable by car. What we didn't think about was to be reachable by public transport. Big mistake – a lot of people would like to come to work by train or bus, but that wasn't possible.

So when our lease ran out, we decided to move to Antwerp. We're moving to the old military hospital, which is a nice place to be :)

Our new postal address is

Hospitaalplein 11
2018 Antwerpen

That office, however, is currently being renovated. As you can see, we have some serious hacking to do to get things in order :)

So until February 2015, if you want to visit us, you're welcome nextdoors:

Lange Leemstraat 372
2018 Antwerpen

We now have a tram stopping at 100 meters from our door, and the train station Antwerpen-Berchem is only 700 meters (or a 7' walk) away. And we have a lot of bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood now. We already feel the new vibes in our office, and it will only get better!

Wolvenberg mobile sales app

26 Aug 2014

Wolvenberg is a distributor of high-end cycling gear. They sell A brand clothing like Castelli, SealSkinz, fi'zi:k, and lots more.

Wolvenberg logo

To maintain a great relationship with their retailers, Wolvenberg sends out a team of 10 account managers. They visit their clients several times per year.

A challenge Wolvenberg was facing, was to keep track of all the information their account managers received. Those people see and hear a lot while visiting clients, but the information never reached the management team.

So Wolvenberg decided to build an app to do just this: help account managers write (short but informative) reports on their visits. These reports consist of a concise text, but also adds information on what the account manager sees in the store: are the Wolvenberg brands displayed correctly? Which ones? And how about the brands of the competitors?


Wolvenberg contacted 10to1, and we built the mobile (iPhone) app and the (web) backoffice system. We took much care to make the app as unobtrusive as possible; a hard requirement was that a report could be written in less than one minute. This starts with selecting the client one's visiting: we only show the clients that are closest to the current location, so it's easy for the account manager to find the correct one. A light and very readable layout makes for an enjoyable experience while reporting.


De samenwerking met 10to1 verliep erg prettig. Ze begrepen snel wat we wilden realiseren en maakten een goede app die dit weergaf. – Mark Heylen, Wolvenberg

10to1 acquired by international software developer EPI-USE

29 Jul 2014

10to1 recently has been acquired by EPI-USE, an international software development company.

This merger strengthens the qualities of both parties. Expertise in the field of mobile and web is a great acquisition for EPI-USE, which is known worldwide for its SAP activities and expertise. 10to1 will benefit from an expansion of opportunities in terms of a larger market and knowledge sharing.

EPI-USE is a group of specialist software and services providers around the world. The company has been operating in the Benelux since 2006, with offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 30 years, the company has become a major player in SAP HCM consulting and developing innovative SAP software and services. In total, more than 1,250 people worldwide work for the group, which has an annual turnover of more than $175M. The company’s roots are in South Africa, and can be found in the name: EPI stands for “Eenheid vir Programatuur Ingeneurswese”. USE is an abbreviation of “Unit for Systems Engineering”.

Tjeerd van Sitteren, from EPI-USE:

“We’re investing in Europe by working with partners who support our way of operating: not with tons of money, but with appropriate remuneration for services incurred and returns into the future. 10to1 is a perfect match for EPI-USE, because it gives our consultancy a broader foundation.”

10to1 is a web and app developer located in Kontich (near Antwerp), Belgium. The company focuses on the B2B market and on developing software and applications for businesses at home and abroad, as well as under its own brand name. 10to1 was founded in 2006 by Tom Klaasen and Koen Van der Auwera, who expanded the team to seven people. Thanks to the acquisition by EPI-USE, 10to1 can use the global presence and existing customer base of EPI-USE to grow its business.

Tom Klaasen from 10to1:

“I see a lot of potential in collaborating with EPI-USE. We’re already preparing a project for which we did not have enough financial capacity a month ago.”

(This message has been posted on various channels before, but not yet here.)

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