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10to1 Lighthousekeeper Theme

26 Feb 2011

I recently started using Lighthousekeeper to manage my Lighthouseapp projects. I found the app much easier to use than the current web interface.

But because I didn’t like the main layout and they allow you to create custom themes, I created one myself (with a little help from @maxvoltar).

10to1 Lighthousekeeper Theme

You can find the installation instructions on Github.

Creating your personal theme

The source files for the 10to1 theme can be found here. It’s very easy to create when you know HTML and CSS.

Now let’s get you on the way.

Create a folder (with the .lhktheme extension) in your ~/Library/Application\ Support/Lighthouse_Keeper/Themes directory.

Inside this folder you should to create a typical index.html file. You can also place some CSS files and images next to it.

Lighthousekeeper Theme

And now just design the template as you would with a website. There are also some Lighthousekeeper variables available, just checkout the Lighthousekeeper Manual.


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