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Campfire on your iPhone with Butane

26 Jun 2012

If you like Campfire from 37signals like we do, we’ve got exciting news for you. 10to1 and Interface:Implementation are proud to present Butane, your native Campfire client for iPhone! With Butane you’ll need nothing but your iPhone to keep in touch with your team in real time.

Picture this: you’re on the road, making your way to your next sales pitch. You’re keen to update your team about that new case and you need some feedback about the timing one client proposed. At the next red traffic light (never chat and drive!) you pull up Butane, post a quick lay-out of the project and upload the picture you took from the whiteboard.

Later that day you’re on an event, passing time between Powerpoints. Suddenly you recall a conversation on Campfire about the subject the next speaker will cover. Browsing the transcripts you realize you’re mixing up two discussions. Time to hit the search field… Ah, there it is, the perfect question for the Q&A. Pro tip: remember to put your iPhone in silent mode during the presentation, just in case a team mate throws a “/play rimshot” in the room.

At the end of the day you get settled on the couch, sipping your well earned caffé lungo, and you want to catch up with what your team have been up to all day. Scrolling through all today’s posts you mark the Tweet someone posted as a favorite, when suddenly your attention is drawn to an urgent question your secretary posts. You give her the answer she was looking for and upload a nice picture of a cute kitten to thank her. You leave the room with a smile.

Read more about Butane on the website or download it on the App Store.

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